Water Heater Repair Services In Ajax, Thornhill & Guelph

Of all the appliances you have in the home, the water heater is oftentimes the one that gets neglected or is overlooked when it comes to preventative, proactive maintenance.  Most of us realize its importance and that our hot water supply would be non-existent without, and yet we take this handy appliance for granted every day.  That realization usually sets in when you intend to take a nice warm shower but get blasted by icy, cold water instead.


Benefits of Preventative Maintenance

FireIce AC & Heating a number of water heater services for homeowners in Guelph, Thornhill, and Ajax.  These services include the installation, maintenance, and repair of electric or gas water heaters (standard and tankless included).  Proactive care and preventative maintenance of your water heater pays long-term benefits including:

  • Elimination of costly breakdowns – preventative maintenance not only increases the efficiency level of your water heater, it reduces the risk of future breakdowns and the repair costs associated with them. It will extend the life expectancy of your water heater and prevent premature replacement and the cost of buying a new appliance.
  • Increased energy efficiency – you wouldn’t drive your vehicle without getting an oil change or a tune-up would you? The same is true with water heaters. Preventative maintenance should be done to increase operational efficiency or it will become less efficient and use more energy to heat water.
  • No shocking surprises – if there were only one single benefit of preventative care and maintenance on water heaters, it’s the elimination of that shock to the system caused by an icy blast of frigid water in the shower. If there is one single reminder that you should never take your water heater for granted, this is it.

FireIce AC & Heating offers customizable preventative maintenance and repair plans that can easily be tailored to meet you and your family’s hot-water needs.  Keep in mind that the average water heater has a lifespan of 10 to 15 years depending on who the manufacturer is.  If you aren’t sure how old your existing water heater is or you don’t know when it replaced the prior water heater, it’s probably time to consider a new one.

Signs indicating the need for Replacement

The following are signs indicating a problem and the need to contact us for water heater maintenance and repair:

  • increased frequency of repairs
  • leaking around the water heater
  • loud cracking and popping noises
  • muddy or sandy water
  • no hot water or warm water only
  • rusty hot water
  • water has a metallic smell and taste

Keep in mind that when there are more people in the home using hot water, it will shorten the water heater’s life expectancy.  Conversely, if there is only one person using hot water, the appliance could last several years longer than expected.  If you would like more information on water heater repair services in Guelph, Thornhill, and Ajax, contact FireIce AC & Heating and talk with one of our knowledgeable specialists.



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