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Whether it’s cooling and heating systems, ductwork, gas fireplaces, or water heaters, the specialists at FireIce AC & Heating are the people you can trust for installation, preventative maintenance, and repair services in Thornhill.  The need for professional HVAC service specialists when it comes to handling these important tasks cannot be overstated.  When you hire us for any of these services, you’ll be entrusting your needs to skilled professionals who have the experience and expertise to complete the work in a timely manner and get it done properly the first time.



There are a number of reasons for hiring FireIce AC & Heating for air conditioner repair and furnace repair services as well as installation and preventative maintenance in Thornhill.  Consider the following :

  • Extends the life expectancy of your HVAC system – our technicians are thoroughly trained at accessing all of the components and parts of your system when maintaining it and providing regularly scheduled service. They are aware of every cooling and heating system detail.  This makes it easier to reset system components and parts based on the manufacturer’s specifications.  In so doing, they are able to work in conjunction with one another exactly as they have been designed to do.  The bottom line is that your system will last several years longer than expected and operate more efficiently.
  • Job performance – as professional service technicians, we have access to the most current industry bulletins. These technicians undergo constant training and certification in every aspect of HVAC installation, maintenance, and repair which is something that you won’t see with many of our competitors.  Furthermore, they have years of combined experience and expertise working in the field, a major point to be considered when you need to be assured that the job will be done correctly.
  • Protects you financially – every FireIce AC & Heating technician is covered with liability insurance which not only protects them, it protects you as well. Although it is rare, accidents do occasionally happen.  The fact that that our technicians are fully bonded and insured against accidents, damages, and injuries ensures that you won’t be liable should they sustain injuries while working in your Thornhill  Were it not for the fact that they carry liability insurance, you would be paying for these expenses yourself if you hired a non-professional to do the job.
  • Protects your HVAC system warranty – manufacturers oftentimes require the hiring of a trained and certified HVAC service technicians to install a new system as well as doing preventative maintenance on it and repairing it. There is much to consider, such as ensuring that you have purchased and installed a system that is the proper size for your home and accommodates the needs of your household. Working with electricity and gas is a key factor with these systems, something not to be trifled with if you lack the required experience and expertise to do so.

While you may feel confident about your DIY skills, the complexities involved with HVAC system installation, maintenance, and repair almost always demands the knowledge and skills of a licensed service technician.


No matter how reliable your cooling and heating systems have been in past years or how well you have maintained them during that time, there will come a day when you are faced with the decision to keep repairing them or purchasing new systems.  Sad to say, there is no magic formula to help you make the right decision.  However, there are some key factors to take into consideration including:

  • Age of your current system
  • Energy usage and operational efficiency
  • Financial incentives, i.e. rebates, tax credits, etc.
  • Satisfaction (or dissatisfaction) of current system performance

You should also consider what we refer to as the “50% Rule.”  Simply stated, when repair costs for your existing system reach are equal to or exceed 50% of its current value, it’s probably time to consider replacement.

We like to think of ourselves as your one-stop-shop for all your air conditioner repair–furnace repair, installation, and preventative maintenance services.  For more information about our services in Thornhill and the surrounding communities, please contact FireIce AC & Heating today and discuss your needs with a knowledgeable representative.

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