Expert Furnace Repair Services

Expert Furnace Repair Services In Thornhill, Ajax & Guelph

As a homeowner in Guelph, Thornhill, or Ajax, we know how important it is that your HVAC system is operating at peak performance, especially when it comes to heating your home in winter.  Whenever, your furnace or heating system breaks down during this time of year, it is never a pleasant experience and can put many individual’s safety at risk, especially the elderly and infants or toddlers.  Whenever your heating system breaks down, FireIce AC & Heating can provide high-quality, effective furnace repair solutions at the most competitive rates in the industry.


The Need for Preventative Maintenance

It goes without saying that an improperly cared for furnace is potentially the recipe for disaster, especially when winter temperatures have dropped to their lowest point.  In order to ensure that your furnace doesn’t fail and continues to warm your home when Mother Nature is at her worst, preventative maintenance is a must.  The lack of proper care causes energy bills to increase, erratic warmth throughout your home, greater frequency of repairs in the future, and eventually premature replacement.

FireIce AC & Heating customizable preventative maintenance plans can be tailored to meet the needs of your family and home. They can help avoid premature replacement, eliminate future furnace repair costs, and increase your furnace’s operating efficiency by as much as 30%, all of which saves you money in the long run.  The money you spend on one of our preventative maintenance plans helps protect a much larger investment, namely your furnace and heating system as well as your family and home.

When are Furnace Repairs necessary ?

In most instances, repairs should be done before your heating system breaks down or malfunctions.  In other words, have preventative maintenance done on your furnace before it’s needed.  We can quickly identify any potential problem and correct it before it becomes more serious and more costly to repair.  However, the following signs also indicate the need for furnace repair:

  • Increased energy consumption – if your utility bills keep rising through the winter months, your furnace is not running efficiently and is consuming more energy than it actually should be. A tune-up and any necessary repairs will increase energy efficiency and save you money on your monthly utility bills.
  • Lack of preventative maintenance – you wouldn’t expect your vehicle to keep running if you never changed the oil or gave it a tune-up would you? Then why would you keep using your furnace and heating system if you’re not giving it the proper care it needs? Our preventative maintenance specialists will have your furnace and heating system up and running efficiently again in no time at all
  • Uneven temperatures indoors – have you noticed that one room is warmer than the one adjacent to it or across the hall? Do you feel cold air pockets when you are moving through the house? This usually indicates some sort of mechanical issue that makes it difficult for your furnace to balance out the air temperature throughout your home.

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