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While many homes in Guelph, Thornhill, and Ajax are equipped with fireplaces, many homeowners forget how important it is to keep them maintained and serviced in order to avoid costly repairs.  Preventative maintenance on gas fireplaces also ensures that they will operate safely and not pose a threat to your family as well as your family.  The key is that your family should feel safe in their home when you have a fire going and FireIce AC & Heating can ensure that it always will be.



Fireplace installation is one of our specialties.  So whenever you are purchasing a new appliance for your home, keep us in mind if you want to ensure that it is installed safely and properly.  We can help plan the installation so that you and your family derive the maximum benefit from the heat it produces based on where you spend the most time when relaxing.  Keep in mind that your floor plan or layout is going to have an impact on the fireplace’s ability warm certain areas of your home.


Homes in Guelph, Thornhill, and Ajax are usually equipped with one of three types of fireplaces including:

  • Direct vent fireplaces
  • Gas fireplace inserts
  • Gas log sets

FireIce AC & Heating is familiar with all three makes and models.  We can diagnose any problem quickly, recommend the proper maintenance and repair solution, and replace any parts that are required.  Regular preventative maintenance will include:

CHECK – electrical connections, gaskets, and glass; make necessary adjustments

CLEAN – burners, exterior and interior glass, fan, firebox, pilot burners, sensors

Inspect entire unit – this includes:

  • burners, pilot burners, sensors
  • corrosion, cracks, structure
  • fire unit
  • venting for blockage and damage

Testing – includes:

  • fan
  • fire unit
  • for carbon monoxide and gas leaks

As you can clearly see, FireIce AC & Heating is extremely thorough when it comes to gas fireplace preventative maintenance.  After all, the safety of your family and home is the priority.


You wouldn’t hire a landscaper to tune-up your vehicle would you? Then why hire anyone but a repair service specialist to fix your fireplace.  So it makes sense to hire a professional technician that has been trained and certified in fireplace repair as well as someone who has the experience and expertise required.  We offer a complete line of fireplace repair services at the most competitive rates in the area.

Our technicians are thoroughly qualified to diagnose and repair just about any problem with your gas fireplace and we have seen just about every type of problem imaginable.  As your fireplace repair experts, FireIce AC & Heating is always prepared for the job, no matter how big or how small it may be.  Plus we guarantee the quality of repairs and workmanship to ensure your satisfaction.

For more information regarding our fireplace installation, preventative maintenance, and repair services in Guelph, Thornhill, and Ajax, call FireIce AC & Heating today to speak with one of our knowledgeable representatives.



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