Professional Air Conditioner (AC) Repair Specialists In Thornhill, Ajax & Guelph

FireIce AC & Heating is the #1 provider of Air conditioning repair, preventative maintenance, and installation services in Guelph, Thornhill, and Ajax.  We also provide emergency repair services during the evening and on weekends if needed.  No matter when your air conditioning system breaks down, we are only an e-mail message or phone call away.  Furthermore, our technicians can install, maintain, and repair any make or model of air conditioning system available on the market today.

Whether your air conditioning system has stopped working altogether or you just need a tune-up prior to the summer season, FireIce AC & Heating is always available to service your needs.  As the most preferred HVAC systems service providers in the area, our team of experienced repair technicians has been fully trained and certified to do the job right the first time.  We are committed to exceeding your expectations by providing a superior level of service, no matter how big or how small the job is.



The last thing you need is for your air conditioning system to fail when summertime temperatures are peaking along with the humidity.  You can’t afford to wait, especially if there is an elderly person, infant, or toddler living in the home.  Our skilled technicians can quickly identify the problem and recommend an Air conditioning repair solution that will have your system up and running again as quick as possible.

FireIce AC & Heating believes that the more informed you are about your cooling system, the easier it will be for you to spot the warning signs of a pending breakdown.  The following signs typically indicate the need for cooling system repair services:

  • Air conditioner doesn’t respond to temperature setting – there may be a problem with your thermostat if you lower the temperature and your air conditioning system fails to respond. This may be a problem related to the thermostat but it never hurts to call us and have a technician check things out.
  • Airflow is dramatically reduced – if the airflow coming out of your HVAC vents does not feel as strong as it normally should be, this is an indication of a problem and you should contact FireIce AC & Heating as soon as possible.
  • No cold air coming out of the HVAC vents – if your cooling system has a difficult time meeting the demand of your summertime thermostat setting, you should call us to inspect your system and see if you need Air conditioning repair.
  • Unusual odors and sounds – this is never a good sign and may be indicative of mold growing in your ventilation ducts and parts coming loose within the system. You should address these issues by calling us to come inspect your system.

Keep in mind that these signs do not always indicate the need for replacement.  In fact, the majority of our service calls involve minor, inexpensive repairs.  To learn more about Air conditioning repair services in Guelph, Thornhill, and Ajax, call FireIce AC & Heating today.



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